UPDATE: SK Basketball League & Halloween Party

Miss Arlene Paliwen, SK President, noted that the date for the planned Basketball League has been moved up to an earlier date. She says,

“HeLLo!!.. in advance mi gayam ti start jay liga.. imbis nga september 29 ket inton september 15 ti rugi (opening) nan.. baka gamin agkurang kami ti oras para jay schedule ti games… isu nga sap-sapaen met kuman dagiyay donations.. heheh! 🙂

  • ni uncle Elmer Biteng addan ti donation na… “thank u uncle..”
  • ni Manang Roselee inkari na met jay para ti trophies ti basketball. “thank u manang.”
  • ni Uncle Judy inkari na met jay para ti sound system nga usaren ton awarding/halloween party.” thank u uncle..”
  • Manen, agpapakaasi kami kanya yo amin.. madandanagan kamin ket ni asidegen.. Uray ania nga clase nga tulong apo. Sipupuso ken siraragsak kami nga mangawat. :)”

    So don’t forget folks, send your donations soon! Let’s help the youth of Sagunto so that they may always endevour to remain involved and enthusiastic in helping their community. Our community.

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    31 thoughts on “UPDATE: SK Basketball League & Halloween Party

    1. emily

      arlene, ilista yo gamin ti kasapulan nga funds per expense. mano target amount for 1st prize; for 2nd, 3rd…anyapay dagidiay monthly expense tapno makapili ti prospective donors ti i sponsor da. agaramid kayon to met ti bulletin board yo dita for the sponsors mabasa while the games are ongoing tapno ma encourage ti dadduma nga agdonar. nagited kay kadin ti solicitation papers kadagiti adda business na dita igigid? maududi kam ton nga agited, ta aganges kami pay bassit hehe. dagidiay agpanpanunot nga agrun ti office, ikkan yo metten ti solicitation letter …be wiser kids, hehehe!

    2. qrlin

      wen aunt.. bale balak mi py ti aghauz to hauz ta uray tig 5 pesos lang ket isu py. awan met gamin ti agpaparikna nga agrun ditoy barangay. makapaasar garud ta palimed da py laeng.. heheh!.. 🙂

    3. emily

      hello arlene, i’ll give you a clue…ikkam kadi amin solicitation papers dagiti current brgy. officers naka-address ti families da mairaman ti miembro nga taga-abroad; uray basbasaen da ditoy internet ti letter yo, saan da agkuti no awan hard copy ti letter yo nga maiyawat kanyada; ikkam met amin nga leaders ti orgs. dita, presidents to VP. Don’t forget the town council; mangala ka ti address dagiti saguntonians abroad ta baka saan nga makadanon dagita papers ditoy abroad; next ikkam latta dagita owners dagiti big houses dita sagunto mangrugi ti highest budgeted house 12m to 1M, ilistam latta ti names ti big targets yo dita master copy ti solicitation letter, then have it photocopied…o di ba masaya? hahaha. i-try mo lang ineng. maging psychic ka, know the minds of your prospective donors…goodluck!

    4. anon

      I would be inspired if all donors are being posted if they don’t want to be recognized just put anon so donors can figure it out if where are they now, I know lots of money involve in a sport competition like that from referees to sanacks and prizes, maybe you can use the SK fund for paying your referees and just solicit for prizes I know that you have a certain percentage for the sport development you can seek the help of the mayor to sum up yehey yogu have a good league by then.

    5. Judy

      Wen sige Arlene saysayaaten yo la ketdi ta mangabak manen ti Sagunto tapnon saan nga maiyadayo ti premyo nga cash. Ta ammom ited ni Unle mo nga Eddie De La Cruz asawa ni Manang mo nga Belen Cadalig idi balasang pay ti cash nga premyo ti championship, first runner up ken 2nd runner up total ten thousand pesos amin kukua na kano ket isangpet na no agawidda 25 September. Mabuhay ti SK Sagunto. Judy Digay

    6. Judy

      Ni adda manen Arlene. Sige bagik metten diay Adult cash prizes ti Halloween costume First prize, second prize ken 3rd prize. Iyawid ton ni Uncle mo Eddie amin ta ited nanto kaniayo no sumangpet. Uncle Judy Digay

    7. Judy

      Ni agsasaruno da metten nga agasut ti bulsa da. Ni manen uncle mo nga Danny asawa ni Auntim nga Vilma inasut nan tay pitaka ket nangted ti 10 pounds para datay 680 pesos nga premyo dagiti ubbing inton halloween. Ited to amin ni Manong Eddie no sumangpet da. Judy Digay

    8. Judy

      Ay apo! magsi-asut dan ti pitaka da ni Auntim nga Edna Cabreros taga Artacho daytoy nga miyembro mi met ket nagted met ti 10 pounds manen para first, 2nd, ken 3rd prize ti ubbing halloween costume. Ni awan problema mon nalpas aminen. Uncle Judy Digay

    9. Judy

      Ni adda pay koma agasut ngem awan metten ti nabati nga prize. Inton maminsan man ngaruden. Sige happy halloween to you all. From the Sagunto Friendship Association London. Naimbag nga aldaw tay amin apo!!!! Judy

    10. Jeanette Post author

      Woohoo!!! manong Judy, that is awesome! Naglaing kayo 🙂 Adu pay to nabati nga gastos no adda pay mayat nga agasut dita. Don’t forget the referee’s fees, snacks, and other expenses! So keep it coming , guys!

      More power to you Sagunto Friendship Association London!

    11. emily

      Thank you amin kadakayo SFAL members ken SUKA, ken daddumapay nga agkakaut tattan ti bulsa da dita UK. Adu pay kasapulan da kano, isunga agipatulod to met ti USA. ale ta bagi yo tatta ta adda gayam agawid nga neighbors yo dita, you can save on wire charges, isu pay nga papremyo ken panggastos apo. Ikkay met agbasa pay ti nakalista nga other projects ditoy no awanen pangikabilan yo dita barya yo. Just click on Contests or Donations above. Thank you!

    12. babot

      WOW! Thanks SFA and SUKA for all the donations. Napigsa met gayam ti fund-raising ni Mng. Judy, believe’ak! Ali, no adda agawid from San Bernardino, please let me know by this Friday, if possible tapno maipatulod ko met toy donation mi ken Jeanette, if not, I’ll be sending it via Lucky Money https://www.luckymoney.com/Default.aspx this Friday. $40 from Mng. Jeanette and $100 from me.

    13. jollibee

      wowowowowwwwoohhooohhooo!!!!as in THAHK GOD….our prayers are already answered…ala unc judy dakel nga pagyamanan la unay..also ant jeanete.babot..alalya…ant emily and the associations tayu abroad for the quick responce..wow…as in ang sayasaysaya….agyaman nga talga…last nyt wen i was on my way goin to baguio te rlyn txted me and she said that our request for donations has been granted…ala lolo’s lola’s.anties,uncles,ates and manongs…and all of you who keeps on supporting our barangay…i know GOD will continue to give you a lot of blessings…dont worry we will not disaapoint you ta we will really make this activity our best piece…thank you again..God Bless…were now working for the program to be specific..opening program…and invitations and rules…wow…im so excited na…

    14. qrlin

      wow !!!! ang saya saya!!.. thank u amin nga nagdonate, ken dagiyay agdonate py, thanks in advance.. uncle judy,, super idol ka!!. 🙂 thank u Sagunto Friendship Association London.. han kayo kuma maum-uma kanyami!..
      ay wen, aunt/uncle anon han kami mabalin nga agala jay fund mi ti pagbayad ti referees.. bawal tattan, idi ket mabalin. ken maysa py, awanen ti fund ti sk for this 2007.. naiproject kon amin,, heheh:).. last daytoy renovation ti plaza bleachers. . cguro by next week marugyanen.. tapos jay daduma nausar mi met idi nagpaliga kami di summer kadagiyay sports equipments & uniforms ti commitees and staff. taz ngpintor py gayam jay plaza. every liga gamin ket klangan ti agpintor tapno makita nga naling dagiyay linya jay plaza..
      thank u manen.
      GOD BLESS!
      dios ti bumales!.. 🙂

    15. qrlin

      aunt emily,,, ag house to house kamin dis weekend.. mapan kami ken mayora ken kadagiyay municipal officials nu bigat.. PR manen.. hehehe!!…
      thanks aunt for the advice… 🙂
      han ka maum-uma… 🙂

    16. qrlin

      ay wen uncle judy,, jay inted mo nga bola di simangpet ka idi ket isu ti usaren mi tatta nga liga… thank u manen jay bola uncle… 🙂 🙂 🙂

    17. evz

      hello mang Judy imbag man blessings poured through you and Sk was relieved now they can go on there programs the FINALE for there term of office hope that this young people can choose the best to lead them snce arlene is not qualified already tumaray kan arlene for barangay a position hahahha!

    18. evz

      hello Janet and Vancouver folks ania ngayen missed you guys ania ti madamag? how was the AC unit hope you can send it before the term of arlene and co. will end. Janet please send me your contact no. kayat dakakyo nga kasao ni loejan (Brgy. secretary tayo) send it to esantilliano@yahoo.ca or evzeisma113@gmail.com thanks my dear sorry until now diak pay la maka access chatango thanks.

    19. qrlin

      hi aunt evz!…
      su garud kuma aunt.. dapat maramanan mi py t pul-oy ti canad!
      ay wen aunt,,,
      jay ngay met donation mo?? hehehe 🙂

    20. evz

      hello arlene kitkitaek dagita donations ket awan sa met probleman? agpalpaliiwak ngarud ni mng Judy ket minlaing nga nagsolicit sa dagitoy 3 sis ditoy ket naibudgetan dakan wen saan nga bale ta sakbay ti halloween ket ibagak to ken ni ading ko wenno ni mamak nga pasyarendaka…kunak man la no nakalusutakon minlaing ka nga talaga ala agtaray kanton nga kagawad wen! hahahhaha! well goodluck dita paayayam yo dagidiay taga Hongkong solicitan yo met tapno adu ti premyo nga awaten ti contestants.

    21. qrlin

      nagadu kayon aunt nga agbagbaga nga agkagawad nak.. uray da mamak ken papak… haaaay!…
      ngem pagpan-panunutak py.. d ble ta sep. 14-19 met ti filing ti Certificate of Candidacy.. heheh!.
      ngem han ngata nga ubingak pay unay??..
      ngem sabagay kuna met ni papak nga awan met mapukaw nu padasek..,
      taz aggraduate nak metten inton marso,.
      ngem maguguluanak latta!… haaaaay! ;;;;
      advises pLLLLZ???? hehehe!!..

    22. evz

      well my dear maysa laeng ti maibagak awan ti innubingan no la ketdi qualified ka go! and follow the desire of your heart to serve our barangaymates nakayam dita SK why not as a barangay kagawad Pray for God’s guidance and HE will guide you.

    23. JMom

      Go for it Arlene!! They need a young presence to bring them to the present day’s way of thinking ;D We’ll all vote for you. You’re as qualified as anybody who is going to run.

    24. Fan ni Arlene

      da advays is…GO GO GO! BAGO KA? IDI KAYANG KAYA MO! Uray kitaem Arlene, sumungad ka pay laeng, mabuteng dan nga kalabanen ka, hahaha.
      ket no agkaraadda ka met, more visible than others really. they need your fresh ideas, so don’t keep them to yourself, you are born to serve!

      baket ems

    25. qrlin

      wow!.. thanx a lot aunt evz & aunt j…
      OMG!.. fan ni Arlene??…. true??? heheh!
      thank u very much!..
      pagpanunutak nga nalaing… 🙂

    26. kimat

      wen arlene apok dakdakkel a nga responsibilidad idi ta SK ngem ta agkagawad ka ket naimatangak met nga kinabaelam ket ni ag graduar ka gayam payen ale apok sige ta suportaantaka!

    27. babot

      WOW! Am late coming to abong. Wen ah, agkagawad kan Arlene tapno dakdakel ti tulong mo ti barrio tayo. You will be a real asset to the entire council. You have the energy, intelligence and good looks, hehehe. GO FOR IT!

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