Smile Contest Winners Receive Prize

Mr. Sergio Simudlan, winner of the Smile Contest, proudly accepted his award from Emily Benosa Homma. Emily awarded the winners Blueberry Jam which is supposed to be good for improving vision.

The other winners, Mrs. Letty Pis-o and Mrs. Gaudiano were out of town during the ceremony. Their blueberry jams were delivered to them.

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5 thoughts on “Smile Contest Winners Receive Prize

  1. evz

    oh wow how sweet of you emz! as if I can’t believe that we have gone this far I recall the faces di mangrugrugi tayo ditoy and we have fun and really entertained by the contest ni adda ni auntie flora idiay. mayat apo sergio ipalaman ti pandesal ket no awan nairana nga pandesal ilabay ti innapoy no awan kasta nan nga arunusen hahhaha!

  2. emily

    nette and evs, may kasamang toothpaste for nice smile and soap for younger skin yang blueberry jam. lola maria received mrs gaudiano’s prize. mrs pis-o’s is still with their club president i think. nette, when are you uploading the smile contest part 2 contestants’ photos?

  3. jeffocumen

    may holloween dance contest ba ngayong jan sa sagunto sison kasi un talaga ang inaabangan ko eh pkisagot naman pls


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