Sagunto Star v2 pages 5 and 6

For the first real post on this new site, I thought we should go back to the original Sagunto Star. Let’s continue the series of pages on Volume 2 issued on June/July of 1984. If anyone else has other issues of the first Sagunto Star, please let me know.

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9 thoughts on “Sagunto Star v2 pages 5 and 6

  1. Babot

    Waaahhahaha! Only the original reporter of Sagunto Star can write a subject of death by a heart attack with an irreverent quality but then again, I guess you had to be there!

    Kitaen yo katribu, dagita Cabras Family ti original supporters of the Sagunto Star! (Naks) It’s nice to know that their support continues on to this new format.

    Wen, agpayso ti kunam Jer! Kumusta kan Brigitte?! Where in the world are you now?

  2. evz

    brigitte is in brunei w/ lolo paut and lola ising that was the last info I got when I was still in macau.
    uray ni cora langtiw ayan na met ngatan tatta mng. gloria haban knows it for sure. kasla ni amerson malqued diay ubing nga kasla pimpiman ta naabak ni villar hahahhaha!

  3. tagadaya

    no july of ’84 daytoy nga issue, ayket 11 y/o ak idi. dayta ubing dita agtawtawen siguro iti 4-6 y/o. isu mabalin nga ni amerson “masong” “singgayot” torres malqued dayta. inya masong, sika kadi dayta? damagen yon to man nga kabarrioan dita mismo ken masong no isu na met laeng dayta.

  4. evz

    nagkomik ka tagadaya diak man ammo nga nagadu gayam ti pseudonymn ni amerson basta amerson la ti ammok. saw his pictures diay toronto di weekend mayat ti kakantaanda that was Rhoda Joy”s birthday few years back.

  5. evz

    funny am trying to add from 1984 to 2007 dagitoy birthday celebrant ti mayat pay ket nakakabil dagiti tawen da hahahhaa! ay na that’s what life is!


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