Request for Air Conditioning Unit from SK

On the comments thread of the post regarding SK Members, Janet Oblero of Vancouver, Canada and friends volunteered to fund an air conditioning unit for the SK offices in the Barangay Hall (abong). This is the official request from Arlene Paliwen, SK Chairwoman.

Barangay elections are to be held in October, and this will be one of the last projects undertaken by the SK, lead by Arlene. Arlene mentioned that the barangay now has a dollar account so funds can be readily received if someone preferred to send donations thru wire transfer. If you’d like to help, contact Arlene for details at Let’s help them complete this project before their term finishes in October.

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8 thoughts on “Request for Air Conditioning Unit from SK

  1. Romelia

    It would be nice to work in a comfortable area. They could do the job properly with their own comforts. I do agree with this request. Ket sapay koma ta mafulfill yo SK ti daytoy nga request yo. Saan laeng nga para kadagidiay electric equipments ti ag overheat no di pay ket agraman ulo ti agtrabaho. Sapay koma ta agbalin nga more “friendly atmosphere”. Good luck for your request SK, keep up the good work.
    Love and take care
    Mng. Romelia

  2. Anonymous

    Hello am doing good with my PC now only that I can’t access with chatango and good that the SK posted this letter of request already so that Janet and Vancouver friends and Saguntonians can be reminded about it and hope the Janet can give us the update about it I know she was so busy this time also since summer time in here. Ale a ket Janet and Company dikay pay ag starbucks ti makabulan ta pang AC laengen hahahhaha! oh di ba? di bale ta napudot met!


  3. jb

    hello mga kabaryuan, I’ve spoken to our kabarioan dtoy Vancouver: The Castillo, Capuyan and we Oblero/Wag-e family will be donating an AC para dita abong tau. And i will give you an update soon…

    Janet Oblero
    Vancouver BC Canada

  4. qrLin

    thank u mga manang & aunties…
    han kau kuma a maum-uma kanyami nga SK han lang nga financial ngem pati dgta advices u, isu ti mang in-inspire kanyami…
    in behalf of the SK Sagunto…
    thank u very much ..!

  5. Omom

    Ayna Janet, addu nga tulong ti naaramid yo by this donation. A BIG THANK YOU to the Castillos, Capuyans, Obleros and Wag-es. Naipakita ti kinaayat yo iti barrio tayo ken kina Cristiano yo amin dita Vancouver. Your actions help to motivate and inspire others to do good. God Bless you more, may your cup runneth over.


  6. emily

    WOWOWEEE! NAIMBAG DAYTA JANET. Thanks to the families donating. God Bless you all. You are a big asset Janet! Great job!

    Agawid kami metten dita Japan uray ta ag fall metten, awan ti tudo, nagpudot ditoy saguntoooo. inton ano nga sumangpet dayta aircon yo? hehehe.

  7. Anonymous

    ay naku Emzzz no kasano ti excitement mo in going home to Phils. kasta met ti daras mo nga agsubli well dapat lang I know you and the kids missed Jay already! ay imbag met ta adda ti weather nga pambar mo hehhee joke! well enjoy take a deep breath !!!



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