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A new feature in this blog will be to highlight businesses that are owned by our fellow Saguntonians to better increase our network. If you use any of their services anyway, why not give the business to a fellow Saguntonian? If you have a business you’d like to promote, send details to

Today’s featured business is Momentum Plus, a telecommunication service specializing in VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology, represented by Mike Cabras.

Momentum Plus Inc.
Mike Cabras, partner
1650 S. Amphett Blvd., Suite 226
San Mateo, CA 94402

Mike says,

This telecommunication device and subscriptions can be utilized in Canada, UK, Asia, Middle East, and anywhere in the world. With this type of subscription, when everyone gets in our network everyone will be able to communicate for FREE. This is an internet based communication (Internet and Telephone combined). This is the future of communication.

Please advice everyone to ulitize this form of telecommunication. Not only that it is economical (low cost), there is also a enormous opportunity to own a global telecommunication business. The timing of this industry is now at formulation stage, the best time to participate with this massive uprising of this trend. If you want more information in how you can be a partner in this business venture please advice me right away because I am looking to expand all over the world. According to industry experts and economist in the US and abroad wealth will flow in this technology in the next 5 to 6 years. So, now is the perfect opportunity to get in at ground level. Please give me your contact information so you can be the first in your area to promote our services and products, while enjoying the service you are also generating income and preparing for your future.

Read the company prospectus…

Momentum Plus Mission Statement:
To Build a Business and Institution that astounds the world, so that the Lord God Almighty will receive praises and glory. To Create Millions of financially Independent Families who become a blessing to their country, community and fellow man.

Company History
4 years in business and distribution centers in over 54 countries
Member or the Better Business Bureau
Corportate office in San Mateo, and Ortegas, Jollibee Building Philippines
Member of the Direct Selling Association in US and Philippines

We, are a marketing group that shows individuals how to own a business using Trends. We are now in a new TREND called VoIP(Voice over Internet Protocol). This new technology is a combination of Internet and telephone.

This industry has been around since the early 80’s used by the military. Now it is the new wave of communication. Less than 1% of the world uses this technology and experts, economist predicts that by 2013 or sooner there will be at least 47% concentration.

Momentum Plus is in position for this massive tidal wave. In the next couple of years the flow of money will be enormous with VoIP technology.

We are currently expanding in new teritories. I would like to invite you to be a partner with our business. Please visit our website to learn more about our company. also call 1-973-854-2720 for a business overview. After you have called the business overview and reviewed the website, please contact me directly for further explanation about the business and about the technology.

Momentun Plus is a company that connects families and friends closer to each other by means of a low cost calling plan $4.95 a month unlimited calling anywhere in the world. This is the only company that you can be a customer and an owner at the same time.

This technology will replace landline communication! Help our friends and family stay connected for cheap!

Contact Mike Cabras for more information.

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3 thoughts on “Call For Free, Around the World

  1. Omom

    WOW! great promo, I’ll have to look into this….might just be the ticket for mom to finally get internet connection 🙂


  2. emily

    Hello, how can Filipinos in Japan avail of that? Can the system support Japanese OS? I have 2 friends asking my help install their PC and have it connected to internet…but which type )English or Japanese OS) could better connect to that network? What capacity of PC, speed etc would work? Is that similar to Spinnet? Now we are using MSN messenger with voice function totally FREE. How could that system serve better?

  3. Mike C

    Thanks you for all the inquiries so far. Yes, this system can be used in any country where there is Internet connection. Of course you can set your language should you need to. Our system will work with dial up Internet connection, and I recommend using DSL, Cable, or any high speed Internet for more reliability and clarity. In terms of MSN,Yahoo,Google free Voice, yes you can utilize this services. For now it’s free, but we all know nothing stays free forever, not a good business decision. Well in Momentum Plus, not only you have a more reliable communication platform and better clarity, you also, have the opportunity to generate income by promoting it. Let me ask you a question: Have you ever receive any check from Yahoo Messenger, MSN or Google talk when you recommend their services? Please visit the site and study our program. and get back to me if any of you want to participate with the VOIP business that I am introducing. Let me leave you with this question: Do you want to be just a customer, or do you want to be a partner with this massive evolution of VOIP telecommunication?


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