2 thoughts on “SUKA Youth Sing

  1. Roselee

    The Sagunto UK Association proudly presents the Sagunto UK Youths singing ‘The Greatest love of all’ at our Induction Night on the 16th of June 2007.

    Dagitoy apo dagiti annak ti bago ditoy London.

  2. emily

    Very nice song, but we couldn’t see the singers…??? The two comedians in front “made it” , yes! Pakibaga lang kadagita ubbing dita sango nga ag pantomime da koma, wenno agtalna laeng, hahaha.

    The song must inspire these youth as well as their parents. I can foresee a great future if this code in life would be followed.

    Sige ubbing, agiwaras kayo ti “greatest love to others” ta sapay koma napinpintas pay ti pagbanagan ti sumaruno a lubong tayo.

    Gambate Kudasai!!!


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