Sagunto Star v2 pages 1 and 2

This is the second issue of the original Sagunto Star. On the front you will see the very young Richard and Geoffrey Cabras. They are all grown now, as you can see in the photos submitted earlier of the Cabras Family.

Evs brought up an interesting question for these issues of the original Sagunto Star. So please answer in the comments section of this post:


If you have old issues of the original Sagunto Star, please share it with us at

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18 thoughts on “Sagunto Star v2 pages 1 and 2

  1. eva

    oh wow we have oit again I love this articles being posted look at the Cabras brothers and maybe Edna is meditating now how time flies for her sons have their own families now nagcute da am trying to think no naggraduaran da dagitoy nga kids ti preschool da…naggasat ti sagunto ngarud ta ni amin nga ubbing ket they are being accommodated to attend Pre school Education in our Barrio ta most of the churches are offering it.
    frank & sisters thanks for visiting in the blog hope to hear from you now and then!

  2. Jeanette

    So we know what Geoffrey and Richard were doing. What were the rest of us doing when this issue of Sagunto Star was issued?

    Summer of 1984……
    Where was I? I was in my second year in college. Had a boyfriend. Was hanging out with friends and also working in a lab at the same time. I think it is in December of this year that we go home to Sagunto for the first time since we left in 1976.

  3. eva

    Hey Fellow Saguntonians and friends we can see that the lesson in the Paper is still applicable at this time even the health tips being written.
    June 1984 I just finished my 1 year Internship in Agoo UCCP then back to Laoag to finish my ABTheo and July I just started my weekend church works @ Bacarra UCCP Ilocos Norte.muzta da ngatan dagidiay church members that is 24 years back well adu ngatan ti pimmusayen ta as usual nataengen ti active members.

    Next Dakayo met ti mangibaga no ayan yo idi if you can make it saan kay pay agkabaw hahhaha!

  4. Anonymous

    Idi ar-aramiden ni Manong Narding daytoy nga newsletter ket adda kami nga aga-ayam ti scrabble diay kantina na diay sango ti balay ni Manong Ilpid. Ket imbaga na kaniak nga kayatna ti mangaramid ti saan laeng nga Sagunto star ngem iraman na pay ti ili nga Sison. Ti problema laeng ket kasano ti panagi-prenta. Diyes kano ti bayad ti maysa nga newspaper. Nabalor pay idi ti diyes. Diak ammo gayam nga pinaypayso na gayam diay imbaga na. Tattan adun ti printer ket siguro babaen ti tulong ti abroad mabalinen nga agaramid ti newspaper ti Sison. Sabagay adu dagiti mabalin dita nga journalist na. Aga ayam kami pay ti chess idi ket singko sentimos laeng ti pusta mi idi. Judy

  5. eva

    oh wow ni mang Raul or Judy talaga nga mayat pay ti memoria na ala sinno ti next met umay kayon agi type ti malagip yo idi no ayanyo.

  6. Anonymous

    hello mga Sis enjoy your weekend Oh Canada! day ditoy no bigat holiday on monday.
    Hi Bot Nette Emz and everybody missed you all!


  7. paz

    I was in my elementary yrs during that time. ket ayna talaga nga very interesting, educational, informative dayta nga sagunto star. malagip ko adda pay isu nga nai-published ni apong ko nga Zaro Esteban diay pannakapusay na. Am sure adda pay lang copies diay balay kadagiti issue na coz my mom loves to treasure old files.

  8. emily

    Wen sige man Paz, i pa scan tayon to dyay ayan da Maestro Ferdie no adda pay iduldulin ni Mamam. Send her a letter then ask her to hand to me copies (wenno siak mangpa scan ta isublik to met laeng kanyada original) inton agawidak. Kitaem man ta makitam pay dita ni Apong Lazaro gayam. Sinno’t karuprupa na?

    Evz, you miss us? We miss you too.
    OK, pag balik ni Babot, chika2 uli tayo by email. I’m doing a lot of weeding in the garden. The grass grows faster than my beans and corn.

    What was I doing that time? That was my second yr of teaching…and naturally like any other spinster maestras, subsob sa trabaho. We couldn’t go home for a vacation anymore but thanks that our grandparents could visit us in Manila instead. Dyay Apong ko met nga Cardo, tultulungan dak nga ag- check ti formal themes ti students. Well, he said he used to teach English in NLA before the war too so I was glad I had an assistant ha ha.

    Well Paz, we miss our grandpa….prwwssst, sigh.

  9. Omom

    Paz, kitaem diay side bar under Sagunto Star pages vol.1.1, adda ni apong Lazaro idiay, nai-publish mi diay daan nga obit notice na ditoyen, hehehe. Kumusta ka ading, send mo met ti pics mo ditoy abung tapno makita mi met ti beautym 🙂 Uray da manongs mo ta kitaen mi man no nataraki da pay laeng, hahaha! Hello to all.


  10. Omom

    I like Uncle’s article about “sowing the seeds of goodness”. It is a good reminder to us in these present days, isn’t it?


  11. Anonymous

    sowing in the morning
    sowing seeds of kindness
    sowing in the noon time and
    the dewy eve
    waiting for the harvest
    and the time of reaping
    we shall come rejoicing
    bringing in the sheaves…

    what you sow is what you reap!!!

  12. paz

    Sige mng Emily i’ll try to tell mom nga biruken na dagidiay old files na. ngem niya ngay ngata mng ta awan sa met ti pigsan ni mother nga mangkalkal kadagidiay naibaol. he!he! anyway, mabalin na nga ipabirok kadagidiay kakaanakan idiay.

  13. paz

    Wen mng Babot nakitak diay sagunto star nga nai-published nga ayan ni apong Zaro. Makapa-iliw piman. Ti faith na ken LORD naidalan kami knowing GOD our personal Savior. Hay! aramid tay lat malagip. My brothers mng? limmalakay dan ngem natataer da pay lang he!he!

  14. Omom

    Ngeek. Awan met ti crush ko kenyada, sika a siguro, bwahahaha!!! Malagip ko laeng idi ubbing kami and we were climbing a tree in-front of Sharon Castillo’s house. Ket kayat ni Pong to come on the same branch as me. I was always a little tomboy, y’know. Anyway, malagip ko nga induron isuna ket natnag idiay payas. Hahaha…


  15. Anonymous

    hahahaha! funny memories nagmayat nga subliyan dagita …ngem apay mostly nga na meet ko nga Canadians ditoy dida malagip ti experiences da di ubbing da am wondering!
    Apay Paz I just want to clarify ania nga awan pigsa ni Auntie Ester is she sick? hope not!



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