More on the Tribal Council Request

We’d like to keep this request from the Tribal Council on top of every one’s minds so that we don’t forget to help them in their project of keeping the Bago Culture alive. Please consider donating to the project if you can.

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Request from the Tribal Council
Questions came up regarding specifics of the project and we posted a clarification on Tribal Council Donations. As mentioned on the clarification, the information shared did not come officially from the Tribal Council but from a very reliable source, who was requested by the council to submit the information to be published on this blog. Our inquiry into the matter prompted three (3) members of the tribe to canvass for prices and to write yet another letter of clarification which was scanned and is posted here (please click on photo to enlarge).

Our source stated the following:

“Hello,attached here is the updated price list, of the items mentioned on the TRIBAL OFFICER’S REQUEST. Three [3] officers of the organization ,went to Baguio yesterday to verify prices of the mentioned items,and they came up with this[see letter].As i write this,the vice-chieftain is at my side and checking what is being written,he also reviewed what was posted before regarding the number of gongs and the amount pledged by uncle Henry,he (the vice-chieftain)found NO MISTAKE ON THE INFORMATION FORWARDED BEFORE! However,as you can see, the actual price is very much higher than what was told them before.”

“From my own investigations and research, the price quoted in their new letter are within the price range and the going rate for such items. It is the Tribal Council’s goal to attain this amount before the Grand Re-Union in December 2008 and they are counting on us all to help in any way we can.”

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29 thoughts on “More on the Tribal Council Request

  1. Omom

    OK, so far here are the confirmed pledges:
    Mr. Henry Palit-ang 20,000 pesos
    Homma/Castillo/Benosa Clan (Emily) 2,000 pesos
    Ophelia Glasser & Family (Babot) 2,000 pesos
    Jeanette Moore & Family (Me) 2,000 pesos
    Santillano-Eisma Family (Evs) 2,000 pesos

    Kuna ni Uncle Henry nga umay to met kano ditoy and ag-bisita ken ag-comment. Ali Uncle, umay kan…


  2. Anonymous

    Nakita tayon nga mismo ti anep dagitoy Conseho ti tribu tayo nga magpatud dagiti naibinsa binsa nga maaramt no adda panagtataripnong ket kas nailanad ti napalpalabas no pagbabassitan tayo dayta dakkel nga gatad nga pagkasapulan da a ket makaurnong tayon to isu nga pangpangaasi tayo ited tayo diay nagtaud ti puspusotayo kas pagaammo tayo nga ti tribu ket saan nga funded by the government isu nga inlanad dan apo ti kaudian nga canvass da para kadatayo nga agdesisyon no mano met ti intay mabalin nga itulong.


  3. Anonymous

    Dakayo nga taga Sagunto dita ayan da Lita Agawid da Mr.and Mrs. salva and Family ket no makaungunget kayon a ket mabalin yon nga iyawat kaniana diay mabalin yo nga itulong para ti Proyekto ti Tribu ta isu pay kano diay service charge no ipa door to door yo. Nagmayat man Lita ta agiinnasideg kayo kadagiti taga Sagunto dita nagimas ta kunkunayo nga sidsidaen yo …Kinaagpayso ni Lita ket taga Sagunto Agat ken Artacho dayta awan problem hahhaha!~evz

  4. Omom

    OK, the next 10 (ten)donors who will donate P1500 or more to the tribal cause, I will add P500 to their donation. Ali, agawaan yo ti umay agdonate. This offer is only good for the next ten donors. This offer expires June 30, 2007. Hehehe….

  5. Anonymous

    adda ya ti bank account ti tribu, ibaga yo ta nalak-laka koma ti agdonate ta labasam lang dita banko ket mayaten. isuggest ko nga ag-open da ti bank account saan lang nga para daytoy okassion nga umay intono homecoming ngem para pay iti umay nga taw-tawen, mausar to met laeng.

  6. Anonymous

    Kasus Babot mabalin nga retract ko ta pledge ko ta I want to avail that great offer?
    Ale a kakabsat sigen donate 4500 then babot will add 500 di 5000 ton ta donantion yo wowawawaweeee! di yo pay kayat aya.
    Ala Apo Conseho ti tribalbank acct. yo kano they are asking for it…Mga Sis is it possible to post here the bank acct. awan ngata ti risk na? I don’t know about it am asking.

  7. emily

    Evs, you can change your pledge anytime to any HIGHER amount. See the actual prices…they’re higher, haha.

    They will relay that message of opening an account later. I wonder if they already have an account. To open an account now, you’d need 3,000 pesos as initial deposit, I think.

    have Just curious, what are the names of the two sagunto UK groups now? And how do we know the officers of each? I’ve heard that both groups have elected their officers. I wonder if other city or country Sagunto groups have elected their officers too? Any Macau set of officers? USA other groups, depending on your locations and convenience, why not establish new groups too?

    Now that we’ve started donating to the tribal account individually and it seems that it’s really better acknowledged individually, let’s encourage others share some amount as an individual or family. What do yo think guys?


    Sigen a, agpledge kayon tapno adda met makita tayo nga pagbanagan na dagitoy nga DREAMS. Ali ngarud agpraktis kay metten apo, kitaen yo met dagidiay naglalaing nga agsala, ket uray man padpadak nga duwwa ti kannigid nga saka, sige latta. Saan yon tomet lipaten dagitoy nga agawid ta pagsalaen yon to met ken agpraktis da. Daytoy to pay kadwak ditoy, kunana, saan ko kano ammo ti agsala compared ti taga Abra women. Hahaha, kunak ket kitaen yon to inton 2008 inton makapraktis kami kada Babot, Eva ken Jeanette…baka akkatkatay kayton to nga mangbuya. Kitaen tay to met dagidiay saytok ti taga OZ, Macau, Canada, Koreanbugs dita ken other places dita Italy ken Hongkong. Saan yo nga lipaten ti kannawidan nga sala nga tinawid tayo. Iguyod kon to met dagita ex-Japan dita ta agsala kami ti bon-odori Japan dances. Ali, agplano kayon!

    Bilangen yo dayta idunar yon!

  9. Anonymous

    kasus kunak ngarud nga retract ko ta 1500 lang tapno pagbalinen ni Babot nga 2k hahaha nalalaing ka manen ala kasta nan hahhaha! ket kasano kayo nga kakadua ale a no ania ti kayt yo nga panangted mabalin amin basta dumanon kdagiti opsiyales iti tribu mabalin amin!

  10. emily

    hahaha eva, adda nakatungtong ko di rabii. kinunana, kaykayat na kano ngarud ti agsala ti chacha saan nga tadek. kunak ket, pang-urek ta sakam. kasta aglagto-lagto laeng ti ikastam igorot kano daytan. kitaem man, diyo gamin ikkan chance ida nga agsala ken agpraktis. ikinni kinni laeng met kano, mayaten saan ya?

    mga quick message typers dita, umaykayman ditoy nga agtype ti message yo.anya ti makna yo?

    some want to send directly to their account without posting their names here for some reasons…ali basta amin ways OK apo. ikkan dakayo met laeng kano resibo ti tribo.

  11. Anonymous

    Wen ngamin adda met individuals nga dina kayat nga maipablaak ti naganna kasla met kaniak isu nga husto laeng nga mang-open da ti bank account da.

  12. Omom

    Kunak to met nga inkay tawagan ni LarryB ta isu ti agemcee ditoy. Naglaing nga nagparuar ti parwad idiay kasar da JR ken Christine Joy…

    Kayat ko pay diay insuggest ni Ads Roselee nga per gong donation, napintas met. Any way the donors want to donate, okay lang, haan ketdin? Innak sa gumatang ti bagik nga gangsa ta isut usarek nga apan mang riing keni ading Roselee. Hahaha… Umay ka metten a Rose, naladawen.


  13. emily

    I agree. If people living in the same area or close by plan to sponsor one gong, it would be faster to raise the target. I wonder who among each group would act as leader for the time being to “collect” or “pester” (hehehe. nice word isn’t it?) the neighboring barriomates? Apart from those who wish to send money indivudually, any “batches” or like-minded people could band together right? Sige Nette and Evs, nasan na yung mga ka-batch nyo? adda dan sa dita NJ ken Korea? Sinno ngata ti umununa nga makaform ti complete gong out of several members? Bot, pakontes ka kaya uli? 😉

  14. emily

    KItaen yo man, adda man napintas ti puso dan ditoy friends ko from AFWJapan nga sources ti glasses, ta agited da kano manen ti vibrating foot massager ken weight scale for the oldies of Sagunto.Wowee! Lita , nakalista dayta iyawid mon ditoyen sponsors wen? I report ko ken president dan dagitoy umununa nga massagers.

    Ali, ammo mi ado ti kayat yo nga i-dump dita. Iyawid yo laengen wenno send to the clubs direct. Arigatou!

  15. Anonymous

    very safe met ti agopen ti bank account ikkan ti security na laeng, sigurado siak nga mismo ti apan agideposit, kayat kulang met ti tumulong, siempre para tribu ken para met ti sagunto. dagitoy nga donation para amin nga taga sagunto.

  16. emily

    apo, “awan pay kano kuarta da nga pang-open account”.

    sige apo, no adda mangiyawaten, thank you, ta maka-open dan nga dagus. agur-uray da ti cash nga umuna. iggenan yo pay dayta igiggenan yo (hehe tama ba ilocano ko?)

  17. Anonymous

    tHANK yOU aNON AMMOK NGA ADU TI MAYAT NGA MAKITINNULONG ABOUT THE tRIBU PROJECT KAS KEN ANON NGA DIDA KAYAT TI PUBLICITY OKAY DAYTA ALE NAGRUD APAY AWAN LA TI PIRAK YON NGA PANG-OPEN APO TREASURER TI TRIBU DIAY PAY LA KUWARTAM A TA RE IMBURSE MONTON HAHAHHA!AMMOK ADU TI NAKASAGANA LANG NGA AGPALPALIIW GO NA GO KAYON HAHAHA! SAAN TAYO NGA PANUNUTEN TI PARA 2008 REUNIUON LANG TA DAYTA KET LIFETIME NGA GAMENG TI TRIBU NO MAPARTUAT TAYON. Jazz festival ditoy di weekend grabe nga dances urayak la nagkaling etan makapasala ngamin diay music da ket inay ayam ko pay diay Irish century drum nga na exhibit aye makapaalimon kuna diay amok tat is sooo expensive kuna met diay makinbagi am the fourth generation now who own that such a nice affair ura dim amammo ta kapartymmostly women are the ones dancing dagidiay lallaki adda la nga umis isem hahahha!

  18. emily

    On Thursday they will open an account borrowing Uncle Ganet’s personal money. They’ll return himhis money as soon as they’ve received funds. So by Thurday, you could send your support funds for the project via bank transfer, (or any other means cheaper and convenient for you); anyone who’d use this service, just ask the admin here or Babot for the tribe’s account number from Thursday. Domo!

  19. Omom

    Ayna Ems, kasla nga lugi ti feeling ko after using the available remittance service here in LA. Kalkalpas ko nag wire diay Pinas using Land Bank of Philippines’ Easy Padala, bank to bank transfer ket $30fee AND no awan ti dollar account and has to be converted to peso, the LBP exchange is WAY lower than the P47 to $1; more like P45.30 to $1. Next time ibosun ko laengen tay check ko ta isuda diay ti bahala (ikan dak laengen ti recibo no maala da), maka save ak pay ti service charge fee and only use 90cents for postage. So if anyone in the L.A. area has any idea on an easier way to remit money to Pinas, please let me know here.


  20. emily

    Isunga, nag combine kayo koman ti money nga insend. Syak to pay every 3 months laeng nga agsend. Isunga into agawidak to laengen nga agited if ever… Maka accept akk met koma ti paypal ngem san ko nga mawithdraw nga dagus no bassit nga amount ti balance until after a few months…Sayang dayta 30 dollars mo. Nagawid ni Litan aya? Ayna excited met talaga nga agawid. Santo opening ti classes gayam di kalman. So you’re the first to send huh? Congratulations, VIVA BABOT!!!!
    Yan ang consuelo mo haha!

  21. Anonymous

    OMG sobra met ti baba ti rate na ket dakkel pay ta in send mo Bot grabe metten as if canadian dollar laengen ta US just a bit difference. Yap cheq laenegn better 1 month ti clearing na met diay pinas saan la ketdi nag rush wow Congartaz a nagrud sis sika gayam ti ma premyuan hahahha! siak ket aye enrolment isu nag standbye muna madama pay ti urnong hahahha!

  22. Anonymous

    adda nakitak nga pix I can’t remember da angie ken josie ket naka usar da ti native nga abel nagcute da man i feature yo man didiay idtoy tapno makita da ti Bago nga nalaokan ti foreigner hahhaha!


  23. Omom

    23 days before my offer expires…
    Lita agawaam ti agcollect idta Sacramento. Dagdagem da Aunty Goring, Aunty Diana, Uncle Leo, ni Stevie Wonder, sino pay? Cabras Family…sige tapno sikan to ti mangited ti kwarta no agawid ka. Hahaha, uray man no taga Agat ket bago di Bago latta, haan ketdin? Kasla nga malagip ko idi ni Steve nga agtad-tadek idiay paraangan da, wenno siguro ket nakuton laeng. Hahahaha…joke lang, ha.


  24. Anonymous

    kasus ni lita genuine nga taga sagunto dayta ta daydi apo na Lakay Blas ken Baket Kerin del Amen ket kaarruba ni Apong Dora diay lauden da laeng kitaen yo diay lulod na ket bag-o nga talaga ngem diak pay nakita nag nagtadek.

    kapid ni kimat

  25. Anonymous

    ay wen gayam diay album mo bot ti nakakitaak didiay pix da angie ken josie. medyo kumaro ti lipat ket no dadduma hahahah!


  26. emily



    Hey now, I’m making this crazy singing energy of mine become a benefit concert bwahahaha. Visit my Ksolo webpage :

    and listen to any or all of the songs I recorded (under the spirit of ICED TEA) and then promise any amount to donate to the Tribal Council…straight to the treasurer. Can you imagine the blind people singing in Quiapo? Okay, imagine I’m one of them hehe, only they have VOICE and all I have is “KAES” bedroom voice hehe (warning !!!).

    Jeri, join me na…Chong, IM kta, @PM OK? Cno Cno na na-impersonate mo? Naku, teka, baka mabura na naman ako ni auntie kabaw…


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