Welcome to America Mr. Mat-An & Children

A Warm welcome to the new immigrants of America, Mr. Laurence A. Mat-An with his children Alaiza Kate and Ian Keith. Mrs. Cherry Grace Baiguen Mat-An (Daughter of Mr. Artemio “Boykang” Baiguen and Mrs. Lolita Baiguen) had to stay behind in Baguio and will join her lovely family soon.

The Mat-An family are in Los Angeles for an unscheduled lay-over and will be proceeding to their final destination in Florida to join his sister and her family. This post is to reassure Alaiza and Ian’s mommy that everyone is doing well. Cherry, your kids and hubby are in good hands, walang problema—

Laurence Mat-An in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA.
Baby Ian, Laurence and daughter, Alaiza
Alaiza and Ian playing with my kids, Josie and Angie
Tomorrow, April 27th is Alaiza’s birthday, they will be visiting Mrs. Eden Diazen and the rest of the family and friends in San Bernardino, CA. Of course, we have to get a cake for the birthday girl. So to mommy Cherry, relax ka lang dyan, Mng. Babot is on the job 🙂

19 thoughts on “Welcome to America Mr. Mat-An & Children

  1. Cherry Mat-an

    Hello manag Babot and ninang Jane….Thanks for accomodating my Family…Hope to see you soon..God Bless!..–CHERRY–

  2. Anonymous

    good to see Cherry’s family in the US so Cherry is not with her family yet? I saw them last in UCCP Baguio during the Closing Program of one of her child but I just talked to auntie Lolit nabayag ya ngata didiayen am recalling!!! hheheheheheh! Hey Carol ayan mo nga part ti Canada agparikna ka man met.



  3. Omom

    Hehehe. Isn’t the internet great?! Kuna ni Cherry sigura nga napukaw dagiti pamilya na ket adda da idiay San Bernardino ng ag-laklakwatcha tatta. Imbag pay ket di a ta makita da Aunty Eden Baiguen isuda before they go to Florida tonight. My kids didn’t want to go home last night—they were having so much fun, especially with Ian.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALAIZA! and welcome to America…

  4. Anonymous

    hahahaha!ay na bot give laurence an instruction but am hoping that everything will be okay for them now ta nagapu da met ditan US adayo pay gayam 4 hours pay LA to Florida. Yap good for them they were stranded there ket makita da pay lola ken lolo da dita San Bernardino and relatives !

  5. Anonymous

    Oh happy 10th birthday again Alaiza
    and enjoy your stay in US I know you can make it since I was informed how smart you are continue it that way. God Bless!
    Lau such a challenging experience you got kaya tayo dayta datayo pay hahah!


  6. Omom

    OK, Up-date on birthday girl. Mom and Mat-An clan went to San Bernardino today to meet family for lunch. They were only expecting to join 9 people ngem nag-day-off da nga amaminen dagidiay taga San Bernardino, even Aunty Ellen in San Diego drove 4 hours to meet them. Nag balin nga 20 people ti nag-attend diay imprompto party ni Alaiza. They had the party lunch at an all-you-can-eat sushi seafood buffet. Idi sumangpet da ditoy L.A. aket nagadu ti presents nga inyawid da for b-day girl KEN verde bills na. Hahaha!!! Happy birthday na a nga talaga diay ubing. Then we had her birthday cake in LA. Urayek dagidiay pics nga inala da idiay San Bernardino then I will post another follow-up tapno makita yo dagidiay Dons and Donas there 🙂

  7. Anonymous

    okay nice idea am waiting for those pix posted. mayat a ngarud at least bimmawi ni lau ti tension that he got from his fleight experiences hahaha! ay thanks God!

  8. Omom

    Wen agpayso, hehehe. Ada met laeng consolation prize na.
    Timawag ni Lau tay bigat to tell me they got there in Florida ok. I can breathe again. Uray no saan nga anak dagidiay ubing, madanagan nak kenyada ngem ok dan ta nakadanun da met laengen ti final destination. Relax ka met idtan, Cherry. 🙂


  9. Omom

    Hi Gem,
    in case haan mo nabasa diay response nu kasatno ti ag-submit ti photo, just send photos you want published on the blog to:

    Kayat mi met nga buyaen ti summer basketball league winners…


  10. Anonymous

    thanks for the info bot! you and auntie jean are their guardian angels ay na kunamon no adda ubbing grabe ti concern ko no nataengan okay lang he can endure ngem dagita ngay sus maibagam ya nga no bigat kan a nga mangan ta awan ti rescue! ket how was your beauty dealing with the fleight off the record mon a manen hehehe!

  11. Babot

    Hahaha, evz! Eh, nawala nga ang beauty pero gumanda nanaman pag-dating nila sa Florida, Bwahahaha!!!! Isu nga awan ti pics ko idta ta nag-kuraret diay rupak. Ala sige, ag-offline ta manen. 🙂
    Nag-komik ket dagitoy nga ubing ngen dyem!

  12. eva

    hi ‘bot ayandan diay pix ti Mat-an family? hope that they are enjoying in Florida now. hello Lau Alaiza and Ian just want to greet you guys enjoy!
    Just want to see the Baiguen family no addan a inpaw it da kenka.

  13. Babot

    Hi Evz, awan pay ngarud, apanak to idiay balay da mama no bigat. I’ll ask if she spoke with Aunty Remy and Uncle Manny ta isuda kano ti ada camera da last week.

    Hi Lau, Cherry and kids, imail ko no bigat dagidiay nabati ditoy, hehehe. 🙂 Hope you are all well.

  14. paz

    hala cherry nagdakkel ni baby Ian mon. kaanu lang di addaak pay diay P.I i remember inbatim suna ken ninang Lolit ub-ubain da pay lang idi. Aye! that’s how fast time passes by niya?

  15. Romelia

    Hello Cherry,
    It’s really nice to see your fam. Esp., your dagidat burias mo they are super sweet and cute. Don’t worry soon you will be joining them.
    love and care
    mng. Romelia


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