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Once upon a time, over twenty years ago before the internet and blogs, there was The Sagunto Star which blazed briefly like a comet but left a lasting impression. The Sagunto Star was the first newsletter of Sagunto. It was created by its editor, Mr. Bernardo G. Castillo “as an instrument for peace, harmony, cooperation and progress.”

A couple of issues were unearthed from the ‘baul’ of Mrs. Virginia Simpson along with a letter from which the following quote was pulled:

“Our Sagunto is a breathing, living community. Frustrating at times, impossibly naive, blustering, and amusingly pretentious, it bewilders the outsider or the visitor who is unlucky enough to set foot on it. Say anything you want against this bedlam of a barangay but never it is dull. Everything and everybody is here – the good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly, the sinner, the saint, the wise, the foolish, the humble, the proud, the educated, the moron, the know-all and the know-nothing. name it and Sagunto has it. Our Sagunto is the most exciting, the most impossible place to live in.

It is this bittersweet taste of life in our thrilling barrio that we hope to portray, to capture and explore and delineate in the pages of “The Star”. We want our barrio folks to feel proud and loyal to our community, and the outsider friends to know that Sagunto is, for us her sons and daughters, the one and only of its kind, worthy of nothing less than our love and lasting affection.”

Nothing has changed much. Our dear Sagunto is still the same in spirit if not in body and still as “worthy of nothing less than our love and lasting affection.”

I share with you page 2 of the April-May, 1984 issue, editorial page (click on image for a larger, more readable view):

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Jeanette is a native of barangay Sagunto which she always considers as home even as she now resides in the U.S. She is the administrator, creator, editor and writer of this online newsletter. She is a professional blogger and maintains several personal and professional sites.

17 thoughts on “The Sagunto Star

  1. Babot

    That’s so cool. Everything that was writen then still applies today. I hope that the spirit of community and activism still exist among the people of Sagunto.

  2. emilydotjp

    Amen! In our veins is the living struggle and spirit to champion the causes of our forebears and thriving people. How admirable the leader who put all these dreams and thoughts into writing to still enlighten and guide us today… and forever.

  3. Anonymous

    oh I don’t know that there was a sagunto star in the early 80’s am sure am in the seminary that time that’s an awesome collection that auntie jean is preserving. who is Bernardo Castillo guys? hope the council can revive that too and just email us about it. well am trying to catch up what happened for the last 5 days I missed my PC while am away enjoying the company Agat folks hosted by formerly Miss Jovita “baby” Millares in Toronto nice break huh!

  4. Babot

    Hahaha! Eva, talaga nga nag-enjoy ka idi holy week, anya? Ok, I’ll give a week to catch-up on your email and reading. Ditoy tay la nga mang-revive ti Sagunto Star ta no ur-urayen tayo dagiti council a ket malaiis ti isda (is that how you say it?). Hay, Emily, sorry if my Tag-Il-ish is so kaput-kaput. Ag lalaok ti tagalog ilokano ken english. Oh well, maawatan yo met ti kayat ko nga isao koma, sana, huh?

    Let’s just keep on doing what we’re doing here until we get more of our ka-barrio to join. Am glad the young ones like, Xander, Adolf, etc. are starting to find this place. Hopefully when we get enough voices to join us here then we can help our ka-ilian to improve and do more for those that are left behind. We have to let the people back home know that we are thinking of them and their well being. Even though we are not physically there in Sagunto, we still care about what happens to our land and our people, right? The motivation by Uncle Narding to start the Sagunto Star and his vision as the “Exponent of Sagunto Progress” should and will be adopted here in our blog. And I do have faith in the loyalty of some of those left behind at home base and that some WILL do the right thing even if some have already strayed to the dark side. It’s an unfortunate part of life that our loving God will not over-look and will surely judge accordingly.

    Good to have you back, my dear, we’ve missed you under our shady tree.

  5. Anonymous

    amen ket amen!!!
    yap as I told you am happy for the response of kabarrio an who are getting in touch thru this site for sure it takes time just encourage them…there is time for everything.

  6. Anonymous

    Adu pay ti saan ko nga napasyar ditoy abung tayo. Ket agpayso ta imbagam mng. Eva, it’s just the time. No umayak agpasyar ditoy pasaray agbasaak or mapanak laeng makidamag diay bangir.
    Saan ko nga ammo or sigurado no sinno ni uncle Bernardo Castillo. absat sa ni auntie Emma and auntie Diana Castillo nga anak daydi lolo Victor. Ta malagip ko ubingak pay ket sigro addaak ti elementary ket um umay makiusar ti makinilya diay balak. Ket mabasbasak ti isur surat na nga kasla news letter aobut what’s going re;Sagunto. Nag-click kanyak daytoy di basbasaek daytoy nga page. Malagip ko uncle Bernardo got a curly hair. Sanan to ipaprint diay Mission diay NLA.

    Take care

  7. jollibee

    hay..its only now nga i checked the sagunto star(old one)..and i was so so so inspired and amazed ngamin d old editions were worked out so great…nagmamayat..i hope nga ada ulit kuma ti written articles tayu tata even though internet is available…but iba pa rin if ada ti mabasbasa ti kabaryuan tayu…specially for those hu cant avail the use of the internet……

    tatak laeng narealize how important news papers are..ta ayna my teacher in MassCOMM 2 subject requires us to read,listen and watch news everyday,….su nga…wow…nagmayat ta you know wats happening around you..also i was inspired if ever we will be having a written edition of the sagunto star now or in the future…i’ll be willing and very much happy to be a part of it…para naman…i can con3bute in our barangay wat i learned in my course masscomm …at nagenjoy ti agaramid ti news…specially wen you go and interview different kinds of people in our community…ayna…nagmayat!!!!!

  8. JMom

    Jollibee, I am so glad to hear you say that!! That has always been the hope of Uncle Narding, and of ours in the online version, that the written newsletter be revived for the benefit of our bario. Sapay kuma that you, the youth of Sagunto, will undertake this project and use your gained knowledge to further its original aims and goals. More power to the youth of Sagunto!

  9. evz

    oh wow masscom ka gayam anakko Jolibbe good for you hope nga makishare man ti time mo ti Sagunto Star tayo no adda write up to ket mapan mo interview ni Uncle Narding uray ania nga lubong ayanna and get some inputs about anything in reviving the Sagunto Star on Line imagine after 20 years saan mo namnamaen nga marevive. Thanks to Pasibe Ladies for this things.
    Ay na Romelia mismo my sis! you got a very nice memories recalling everything, but sad to say tattak la nabasa dagitoy nga issues and so exciting thank you kadgidiay nangishare ti copies na that the IT were able to published it and last week we have a good conversation with Edilbliss first child da uncle Narding and I like her and hoping for the day that I can see her personally and so with the family.

  10. jollibee

    ay..hehehe….wen ant but im a former nursing student..its just diz year dat i shifted to masscomm…da ada ngamin ti problem ku regarding my back…bawal ti agbagkat ti nadagsen… parents specially my lola decided na magshift na lng me for my own good…su nga tata masscomm naku..hahha..and im really enjoying my course ryt now…wen ant i’ll try to make an article..and try to find uncle narding..honestly…di ku xa kilala personally but i’ll try to ask mom about him…also…i’ll make an article about the opening of our league….thanks again…sapay kuma ngarod ta adan tu met ti written version na ti sagunto star tayu…REading Maketh a full man..nga kuna da…

  11. Siwsiw-it

    Sagunto sika iti kabaknangan
    Brgy. sakup Ili ti Sison, Pangasinan
    Paganaedan dagiti tattao a kabagoan
    Adda makuna a sintataku a nakaugalian.

    Ituloymo dayta kaugalian a sintataku
    Ta isu dayta ti mangipaay iti progreso
    Uray no kunkunada a datayo ket bago
    Umapalda ta adda panagkaykaysatayo.

    Agragsakka ta naparaburanka
    Annak a nakapan sabali a daga
    Ta gapu iti nasayaat a gasatda
    Imbingayda kenka iti paraburda.

    Isu nga adda kumpyuter tayon
    Usarenyo ditoy barrio tayon
    No adda programa ken okasyon
    Nalaka iti agaramid ti imbitasyon.

    Kasta met a napapintas ti daldalan
    Nasimento manipud dita wangawangan
    Inggana idiay plaza a pagbabasketbol
    Ken diay agpamacoco napintasen pagnaan.

  12. ailene

    well,i’m not a folk of sagunto but i really love this place..i’ve got lot of good friends here..infairness,we,agat city residents are very envious na..take this from me..i really admire how everybody works and i think your barangay should now be called united sagunto coz you have oneness..uhmm,more? next time..i’ll just enjoy muna viewing your blog..

  13. Babot

    Hi Ailene!
    OMG, PLEASE Join us here. I’ve been inviting Wendy Tamo, etal., and the entire Agat City to come and contribute news about our kailians from Agat that are overseas and locally.
    Really naman, the Sagunto Star is for all of US who are Sisonians, not only Sagunto. Inusar mi lang dyay SS name in honor of the original Star newsletter idi. My vision for the new Sagunto Star is one where we from Sison (no matter which Barangay) can come and find news about our place back in the Philippines and to connect with others abroad…United Sisonians is a more powerful force than being an individual barangay, dimet? Syempre we’re all very proud of Sagunto but we have always been known to be team-players and kaugalian a sintataku πŸ™‚ as Siw-siw it so aptly referred to above. Welcome, umay kayo amin ditoy abong tayo….

  14. Babot

    hello, too, Ms. Wendy πŸ™‚ Imbag man ta immay ka nakikaaruba, hehehe. Kumusta kay amin dita Barrie and, of course, Agat! Come back again soon.

  15. Miguel Molina

    Hola a todos los Saguntinos de corazon, yo lo soy ,pero no del de vuestro continente, el mio esta a muchos kilometros de distancia en el mapa, pero muy cerca en el corazon, a pie del Mediterraneo, rodeado de naranjos y de azul de mar, espero que pronto nuestros pueblos se unan en mas de un lazo comun que el del nombre, y puedamos saber unos mas de los otros
    un fraternal abrazo


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