Pasibe Girls

Due to popular demand……..naks, akala mo kung ano anya? hehe! This one is for Roselee and the rest who do not know who we look like. Ta min adu met gayam dagity enga pay laeng sadi ipapanaw mi ta Sagunto. Thanks for the reminder that we’ve gotten really old, Evs! haha!! These guys could have been my kids no intuloy ko ti nagsayet. 😛

In red, is me, Jeanette. In the black and white stripe is Sherry Jo, and in black is Babot or Ophelia Grace. The young ones are our collection of chicks 🙂
Since Roselee asked my age, I’m 43 (Babot is second, and our youngest is Sherry). I won’t tell you my sister’s ages as they may not want to divulge it. Just let me say that we were born a year apart. Haha!!

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commercial break muna for my blogs 🙂

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Jeanette is a native of barangay Sagunto which she always considers as home even as she now resides in the U.S. She is the administrator, creator, editor and writer of this online newsletter. She is a professional blogger and maintains several personal and professional sites.

12 thoughts on “Pasibe Girls

  1. Omom

    Eeeek, in surat nan dagidiay mabalin nga usaren dagidiay ex-ex-exes kon nga agbirok kada tao idta google. Boohoohoo. I guess I couldn’t stay under the radar for too long, huh?

    Roselee, I’m still 28 yrs old (at heart)! hahaha… Thanks for the invite, BTW.
    Mng. Babot

  2. Jeanette

    uy, why u saying thanks? Siak met lang ininvite na 😛

    and re. the exes….. who told you to have so many of them! bwahahaha!!! Just kidding sis, I’m getting giddy, time to go home.

  3. Omom

    Well you know me, wala akong paki, I just invited myself! Bwahahaha! Plus, she posted the invite at the virtual abung so syempre, am first to RSVP. Hahaha! I crack myself up!!!!


    don’t forget about the “searches” OMOM, let them satisfy their drooling bwahaha. just don’t use MRS. hehehe

    as jay was saying, yours is a “harem” hehe. don’t worry, sherryjo will have all boys in the future.

    as of growing old, sometimes i get insulted when they ask if all the 3 are my kids, so i’m furious if jay is not in polo shirt. however, having young ones around could stifle aging….fountain of youth please!!! REALLY, you are very very lucky to have cute and adorable kids.

  5. Anonymous

    hahahaha! yap I need a break thanks for these comments it really cheers me after that news that Ptr. Ferdz and emz shared.
    Yap we really have a huge of catching up to do for the meantime just be patient for all the request asked since that is the good start of getting reconnected and it begin with you…with us!

  6. Anonymous

    hahhaha emz talaga ano ba yan? yap saw Jay’s pix and your kidz am laughing watching them imagine your son is the younger version of his dad grabe halla mayat nga native dances next time iyawid mo ni jay diay adda kasaran for tadek ta pagumaem.
    actually nagtext kaniak ni maan this week she is in the Phils. and visited my family in La Union you know what she said “Manang evz apay ngay nag-ubing met itsura ni mang Rod compared before” huh! I answered her once adda ngata agpapaubing a! but don’t worry guys we are still young in our hearts and matured in our own ways of life and also in looks don’t give up hahhaha!

  7. Omom

    Aaaw shucks, thanks Ems. I really hope that someday the kids will have a chance to meet ALL their extended (and extensive!)family.

    If we have the 2008 Sagunto reunion it’ll be like the UN gathering. Ada English, Japanese, Italian, Korean, Chinese, French (kada-gidiay ada idta Quebec, Canada), Spanish, Arabic speaking— anya pay ti na miss ko? Hahaha. Ay, pag-turungan nen ngay dagita nagad-adu a visita’n to? Intay ag-camping am-amin a idiay Palina ala Jamboree, hahaha! “Eco-tour” tayo dagita ubing! Sigh. Sana ano?

    BTW, Roselee, agka-birthday an kami ken Marifaye if she’s Jan. 27th. 🙂


  8. Roselee

    Mng Jeanette you don’t look like your age.I thought you are in your 50’s. Ha!ha!ha! (Just kidding).Seriously, you look great for your age.

    Mng Babot ti birthday talaga ni Marifaye ket 19th of January. Awan laeng ti available nga hall that day isu nga napan ti 27th. If I’m not mistaken ti ka-birthday na ket ni pastor Ferdie Anno.

    Mng Evz adda contact mo gayam ken pastor Anno? Last year naka attend isu na ti birthday ni Marifaye. Isu na pay garud ti nag opening prayer. Tawtawagan mi manen daytoy January kaso saan mi met ma-contact. Paki forward man please no adda email na kaniam.Adda pay ngata isu na ditoy UK?

  9. Anonymous

    roselee tell Imee, mng. Vilma and all UCCpian there to get in touch with pastor nga agpayso ta ga get together kayo met hope he still got he time for that.



    contact him, cook him pinikpikan there, could still be there till weekend; or at least little canao.
    imagine phd doctor nga Bago!

  11. Anonymous

    dapat adda ni mommy jean ken lola dora dita nga pix yo to complete the Bongog ladies up to 4th generation hahaha!


  12. Romelia

    To all the sisters what a Big WOW!!!!inggat annak puro lahermosa majeres. With the lovely smile too.
    It’s true what mng. EVEs said you should have lola and mom too in the pix It would be nice, maybe next time.
    Stay as sweet as you are
    love and care


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