Best Smile Contest

It was such a pleasure to see the many smiling faces from the Eyeglass Outreach Project last December that Emily decided to have a contest for the best smile. Whoever gets the most vote will win two jars of blueberry jam to improve eyesight.

Here are the nominees: (Please identify and vote for these smiling faces in the comment section)
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Manang Letty
Photo #1: Mrs. Letty Daniwan Pis-0__________Photo #2: Mrs. Alunday

Mrs. Barillo
Photo #3: ___________________________________ Photo #4: Mrs. Barillo

Photo #5: Mrs. Ising Malqued __________________Photo #6: Loida “Babot” Balangue

Photo #7: _________________________________Photo #8: Mr. Ibanez

Mr. Joel Castillo Mrs. Gaudiano
Photo #9: Mr. Joel “Bruce Willis” Castillo __________ Photo #10: Mrs. Gaudiano

33 thoughts on “Best Smile Contest

  1. JMom

    oh yeah, didn’t notice the same lady 🙂 OK, I fixed it now.

    Devil’s advocate, sino ni Manang Letty? Tapno maikabil diay caption na. Thanks!

  2. jb

    Hi, my vote goes to #8, Mr. Ibanez. He’s got the best smile of all.
    Also, I would like to congrats all the saguntonians for creating a website for us (in abroad) to see and to be informed what’s going on there. I had a wonderful time seeing the pictures back home. keep up the good work guys, more power and god bless..

  3. Babot

    Ah, Now I kind of remember dayta Babot ta ag-kanagan kami ngarud. But Babot is the one behind the lady, not the one with the glasses. Am I right?

    ~The other Babot :=)

  4. Anonymous

    yap am about to ask if babot a contestant too? diay adda sango na isu hehehhe! nice smile too taga pilawan sa if am not mistaken!evz

  5. Anonymous

    sergio simudlan how is he related to Noel simudlan isu ti am ammok nga simudlan dita sagunto agkarkarupa dan sa met heheheh!

  6. Anonymous

    agkakabsat da Noel, Joker ken Alexander. Ti ina una ket ni Noel kimmut ni Xander.Isu nga tatang da ni Sergio

  7. jb

    Bonjour! to all saguntonians back home. Just curious who won the “Best Smiles Contest”? I’m hoping to see more pictures back home.

  8. Anonymous

    hala ma upset ni noel no mabasa na nga agkarkarupada ken papa na nga sergio. he! he! noel is known to be rhodreyl joe tattan. miss u rj

  9. Anonymous

    hey guys 19th tattan sinno ti nanagabak ngay ngaruden? diay nangabak ket mapan to gumatangen ti pandesal ta palamanan na ti blueberry jam ba didiay emz hehhehehe! apay awan lapad na? hahahahha!

  10. jb

    hey guys, just curious who won the “Best Smile contest”? its the 19th already but i guess we’re a day ahead of you guys..

  11. Babot

    I counted 5 votes for #7 for Mrs. Smile and 2 for#8. How many counts did we get in Japan and Nette, Ems and Eva, you gals forgot to vote. hahaha. tsismis laeng. bwahahaha!

  12. Omom

    ayna, never mind my vote counting. I forgot that 1 and 7 were the same and the #8 became number 7, pala. So my vote clarification is #1 Mrs. Letty and Mr. Unidentified #7 w/flowered shirt and hat.


    I remember voting earlier on but the original messages were accidentally deleted? My votes were Number 10 and number 7. So if I do my own tallying, after checking lots of confusing “naming” but not voting….the winners are:

    Mrs Smile:
    It’s a Tie bet. Numbers 1 and 10
    = each got 3 pts.

    Mr Smile: Number 7= 5 pts.

    Any comments before I announce the names?


    Ms Smile: (3 pts each)
    Mrs. Letty Daniwan Pis-o
    Mrs. Gaudiano

    Mr Smile: (actually 6 pts.)
    Mr. Sergio Simudlan

    If the names match the faces….
    then this result is FINAL.

    Hurray! Hurray! 2 blueberry jam jars for each winner ! Awards come around May.

  15. Anonymous

    sis ems dagdagan mo naman ng close up o kaya aquafresh yang blueberry mo hahahaha! congratulations to the winners!



    Tita Evs, hindi nga nila alam kasali pala sila sa kontest, sorry folks. Baka magalit pa sila pag nalaman natutuwa tayo sa pix nila…haha, Eniwey, bukod sa blueberry jam na talagang pampaganda ng mata, meron din silang green tea at nori seaweed sangkabalot. Just in case magustuhan nila, may tinda pa Nanay ko, hahaha. Kind of advertising huh…;-)


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