Eyeglass Outreach Project

These photos were taken in December 2006 during the Eyeglass Outreach Project founded by Mrs. Emily Homma. The project’s goal is to provide reading glasses those who are in need. As you can see there were many smiles to be had. Click on the Eyeglass Outreach Project link to read Emily’s account of the event.

Click on the photos for a larger view. Photos courtesy of Mrs. Emily Benosa Homma.

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34 thoughts on “Eyeglass Outreach Project

  1. eva

    Hi such a nice outreach program being done great job was started. ayan na ngay met eyeglasses ko emily? diak ton makita dagitoy posted things ditoy sagunto web hahahha! I can see the joy in the eyes of the barangay folks having a pair of eyeglasses as if they are ready to look for a PC and see what is this sagunto website all about hahahha!

  2. emilydotjp

    Hi Eva, more glasses coming soon. I have some now for those farsighted people who didn’t get any last December. There are nice ones I spotted at a store nearby so I might include a few pairs next time I send a Balikbayan box for my Mom. Hey, find your own glasses there in Canada Eva. How could you enjoy Canada’s well manicured gardens and lawns without glasses?

  3. eva

    hello emily,
    I emailed u a bit info about your comment on projects. whew spring is coming but still snowy in here,soon Icansee the beauty of difft. flowers that grows everywhere specially tulips of difft.colors that kidz r just stepping n kicking on it.haha! I taught u r goin to send me one sige na nga! yap go on and more blessings and success in doing such noble tasks.

  4. evz

    the pix no. 12 I know them mrs.Digay, mrs. Dawa and mrs. Barillo (mom of Genaro-ay wen ayanna ni Nari tattan haven’t heard from him since 1980) hopefully diak mapalpak I guess them right.

  5. Anonymous

    evs, where is nari? would you believe we won in an inter-school singing competition as duet when we were in grade-four in Artacho Central Sch? Anyone who happened to take our photo, will get a BIG prize! Kindly send me our WINNER pix!

  6. Anonymous

    we won 6 pcs palmolive sabon, 2 for him, 2 for me, and 2 for our teacher trainer Mrs. Gavina.
    nagbanglo gayam ti palmolive.

  7. Anonymous

    Best Smile Contest: Can you please vote who among these in photos have the best smile? I’ll award Mr. and Ms. Smile ,each 2 jars of blueberry jam that improves eyesight.

  8. Jeanette

    haha! I was telling my girls how we used to get soap and toothpaste as prices or christmas gifts! Times sure have changed, ha?

    Great idea for the best smile contest! Let me make a new post and put it back on top of the blog. I’ll do it this weekend.

  9. Anonymous

    emz is that so? you n Nari won in the singing contest, am in grade 2 I think when i last saw you during the closing pogram being the first honors and so w/ Gladys Sipus and then you went to Manila.that was a great program b4 ti nabati nga batch yo ni Elizabeth Lapitan (who happened to be the High School Valedictorian) I can’t forget that year. graduation time again in the Phils. that’s why am trying to recall those days. Last info I know from nari he was in New Era College owned n managed by INK.
    Best Japorms a ta adda napili kon idik pay la kitkitaen feel na ti nagka roon ti e.glasses hahahah!

  10. Anonymous

    Who’s Japorms evs? What pic?

    Oh Yes, in entire grade four, I was just Third Honors, hehehe. I never beat that Gladys. Marlon Laranang was Second.

    In the singing contest Nari and I won, I was Alto, and he’s Tenor, hahaha. Maala-ala mo Kaya? That’s the song hubby and I sang at our wedding too.


  11. Anonymous

    Hey, wait a moment. I think it’s Elizabeth Lapitan the second…hmmn. I’m confused. Is Elizabeth still in Artacho? At recess time, we used to jump out of the fence near Mr Patricio’s house, and he’d yell at us…COME BACK!”

    And at dismissal time, there’s always a Sumo bout at the carayan hahaha! Free entertainment! Gosh we were crazy!

  12. Anonymous

    Eva, what good memory you have! You knew that I went to Manila right after grade Four! Wow! Thank you for reminding me those days.
    Me, Ems….Now Evs, were you one of those onlookers at the illegal kickboxing bout at carayan? Were you ducking too as you passed by Mrs castor’s house? Got You!

    Hope it’s not happening anymore. Boys just had to vent their anger at each other…On one event, there were girls’ bouts, hahaha! Crazy childhood.

  13. Anonymous

    You’re right! He’s singing the Tagalog version, me the Japanese translation. You’re psychic! Now Jay is here beside me singing it again.

  14. Anonymous

    Wearing dark glasses and waving? that’s Uncle Joel Castillo!
    I couldn’t believe he now looks like Bruce Willis!

  15. Anonymous

    oh yah lots of crazy things done in school but your batch was great i know that but most on the top ten gone to difft. places and schools. Our high school batch was the worse, Induction program supposed to be we are in the school since we were voted and won the election but what we did we went to cauringan and have lubi-lubi activities and our sponsors were waiting for us but nobody appeared. again in that carayan we tasted maryjane sus mamin ano kami ket masuspend kasursuron dakami kadagiti teachers but the irony dkmi nga sakit ulo da nga kuna da we make it up to college dagiday pet da isu da met ti immuna nga nagawawir ti annak dan hahaha. yap lots of funny activities we had in school. No nagtuloy ka diay school malamang sika ti nag valedictorian ta ni elizabeth is in the top ten but can’t make it for the 5th am I right i think so hahahha! I say that u r 1st honors since u r at mrs. Gavina’s class and Gladys in mrs.Dumo’s class but now they got 1 section for each grade.uso pay ididn diay kuwentas nga candy ken ti pendant na ket lollipop. wen isu dika malpatan idi nga Emily Benosa that is why when I met Lorna I asked her if how is she related to you hahaha funny nag talaga lagalag ti taga Sagunto di ba? just like me iwent from difft. towns in Ilocos Norte and Sur ngem diak ammo ti Pangasinan. well we need to unwind our memories at times ta ditay maipada diay story ni Nicholas Sparks the notebook.

  16. Anonymous

    as I said no narugiak ti nagrecall derederechon thanks for for telling me to STOP hahah! how about taping your song and forward it to us I can’t imagine you guys singing such nice and oldie song, adda ti nagduette met dita ket di high school kami am trying to recall basta taga sagunto ni Remedios Gomez ti soloist mi idi now married to Raymond Balinao huh nakaduak manen! evz

  17. Anonymous

    oh apay ni mang Joel Castillo didiayen well give him the prize hahaha! as I said not palmolive ken colgate mabalin ti dove ken aquafresh hahaha!

  18. Anonymous

    But I like the smile of that guy wearing a cap. Who is he? He has the BIGGEST smile.

    And is that Mrs. Barillo at no 12 pix, with sleeve-less blouse?

    I’ve bought jars of Bluebery jam and I’m ready to send 20 pcs of eyeglasses. My brothers are saying some people have been checking if new glasses have arrived. I forgot to include in the last box, but promise the next would arrive by end of April.

  19. Anonymous

    OMG!!! Evz, Ems, I didn’t know…bwahahahaha! Matayak nga agkat-katawa nga agbasa iti confessions yo ditoy! I’ve been so busy entertaining da Apo Lakay, Kimat, Ponha, etc. idiay bangir, idtoy ak pay man nga agistambay tapno maki katawa.

    We left Sagunto when I was in grade 6, awan ti crush ko idiay eskwelaan ta I was a real tomboy then. Awan pay idiay utek ko ti ag-crush ken ag-boyfriend, kuno. Kinanayon ko idi nga maapa tay maysa nga kabsat ni Loejan, Jade sa’t nagan na. Ni met Mendong Fernandez ti kinanayon nga mangisakit kenyak idi. Isuna’t maki apa kadagidiay mang apa kenyak— ngem adda ti bayad na, siak ti pagaramiden na ti homework na! Ay, ti biag nga talaga. Komik!


  20. Omom

    Ooops, I forgot to vote for the best smile. Yeah, the man with the gray hat, flower shirt. Pix#9
    Bagay na talaga yong glasses…


  21. Anonymous

    ay na ni Ems man ngamin ti nagrugi nga nag recall tapos kamaymayatan ti panagsublik di ugma ket stop kunana metten baka adda marecall ko ngay ngamin nga sabali pay narigaten hahahahhaa!wen mayat ditoy nga pag istambayan ta puro model ti eyeglasses nalaglag-an bassit bay-am pay da ponha kimat ken sakyo nauuneg da hehehe! oh sad to say nasapa nga pimmusay ni Jade Anudon babassit pay piman annak na nga pinanawanna ni Mendong nabayag nga diak nakita metten.

  22. Anonymous

    e kasi, sabi mo damo…ano ba yon? di ba pang-kalding lang yon, hehehe.change da tapik…

    In Elem.somebody kept on teasing…
    He’s chanting “..tagala, tagala…

    I spent my first 6 yrs in Makati, then at grade one, i was uprooted and planted in Artacho sch.I was speaking only TAGALOG, would you believe.
    That time, you’re right, evs,
    Artacho was a central school and teachers were from all over Pangasinan so our elem classes were often used at class demonstrations. The superintendent was even in Artacho!

    You would not believe what i’m going to say next…

    Gladys and I have experienced sitting on that MAYORAL SEAT.
    The then Sison Mayor Bautista, native of Pampanga, told us to sit on that couch for WE DESERVE IT..
    I said, “you’re right sir!”

    The then District Superintendent Mrs. Pastores asked Gladys and me and another kid handcarry a very special letter to the mayor. I can’t remember what the message was about, but I know it’s special.

    I can’t forget that moment.

  23. Anonymous

    oh yap after you left they transfered central school in town and I remember b4 artacho Amagbagan was the central school. Mrs. pastores wen nagmayat ti Elem. school well mananged and supervised but now lots of kidz went to private schools around the town and nearby. Bida nga kanayon ti Artacho idi malagip ko in Sports and Academic contests after that not as noisy as before already siyempre no central nagmin it is more challenging for the teaching staff what I mena is sabali lang.


  24. Anonymous

    oh yah one more thing even me I felt depressed before since I came in Artacho Elem. I was in grade two december from mindanao and the text book was ilokano and when it was my turn to read my classmates laughed at me so depressing and embarassing hahahah! ano bang alam ko sa Ilokano noon its good my Lolo Gorio helped me reading and talkin alot of Ilokano. Buti nga ngayon at lahat ng bata nakakpagsalita na ng Tagalog at social daw sila pag yan ang way of communication nila hahahha!


  25. Anonymous

    Ay, I forgot to vote for the Mrs. Best Smile pala. I vote for pic#1, the lady wearing the glasses with the tag still on. She makes me smile every time I look at that! Sorry don’t know her name šŸ™


  26. Anonymous

    Hi Babot, we’re not talkng about your babyhood days…who’s your crush in high school? hehehe, just clue. I remember when you were visitng from US, maybe that was 1989…i was beginning to come home often when Mom moved back to sagunto…somebody lit a firecracker and dedicted it to you saying “BABOT THIS IS FOR YOU!”

    ahahaha, you have lots of admirers in sagunto i think…

    evs , so we had same ordeal ha? lagalag kasi parents natin eh, kaya pati tayo well travelled.

    i actually looked for that guy teasing me in elem…i think while being in CYF we got to rock and roll at cauringan plaza one time there’s “pasala”, so probably i’ve seen that guy “alfredo” who used to chant “tagala, tagala” to me.

    hehehe, one time i’d like to tell that guy again that thru his teasing, i tried my best to learn Ilocano. gosh, when can we have Alumni homecoming?

  27. Anonymous

    Okay, now votes for
    Mr Smile: gray cap, big glasses -1
    joel bruce willis -1

    Ms. Smile: Lady with tag on -1
    Mrs. in floral sleeveless -1
    Any more votes?
    Evs, I did take revenge!
    In grade 2, Mrs Rivera asked me to be her assistant Pilipino teacher sometimes. so I’d always point to the culprits to answer my questions in Tagalog..hahaha, I’d giggle and laugh at their answers if they sounded funny! See, they could not tease me anymore after that. Good, our teacher knew how we could gain some self-esteem. Sorry guys…those were the days.

  28. Anonymous

    yap emz I agree w/ you lagalag nga talaga ti biag ko met mula aparri hanggang jolo ngem tatta pangworlwide payen ay nga agpayso no apay met nga makapahumiliate if u r n a place in w/c u can’t understand and communicate the language. sino didiay emz ken ni ‘bot? ken ‘nette ammok hehehe! well so nice to recall our childhood days ngem apay ditoy dagiti canadian dida malagip dagidiay childhood days da. hehhehe! sigun kadagitoy friends ko ditoy. well In God’s time agsasarak tayon to iplano tayo a.

  29. Omom

    Huh? Ada-nacrush kenyak? Idiay Sagunto? Sino? Hehehehe…kuna da nga na tangsit ak kano. Agpayso siguro a cause I can’t remember anyone that I would have a crush on or them me šŸ™ Buuhuuuhuu.

    Hey Ems, I heard that they’re having a BIG Balikbayan reunion on December 2008 in Sagunto. How fun that would be if we can all attend, huh?

  30. Anonymous

    oh yah amy balliao told me that earlier that the Sagunto Londonians are going to sponsor a grand Balikabayan reunion on December 2008 cool hey! how about considering the plan in joining such event. I can’t decide yet but I have a plan to join the Quilamamn clan in our grand reunion too that year but not fixed yet.

  31. Anonymous

    good 4 u guys ta agkakaklase kayo gayam idi, i hope ada met classmate ko nga maka search d2y…i think nari barillo is in sagunto….again, naging teacher ko met madam gavina and she retired when i was in high school, if im not mistaken….


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