Balikbayan Night

These photos were taken on December 29, 2006 on the eve of the Rizal Day Celebration, visiting balikbayans were honored. Photos courtesy of Emily Benosa Homma. (Click on the photos for larger view)

4 thoughts on “Balikbayan Night

  1. eva

    kindly give me the captions of this pictures I only recognze Emily and Larry hahahah!, I thonk the other one is auntie tessie am I right?

  2. emilydotjp

    Some of the winners are:
    Mrs Tessie Alboukharey, Lady of the Night
    Eman Alboukharey, Miss Balikbayan
    I’ll post the names of Mr. Balikbayan winner, and Man of the Night. I’m not sure of the titles too. Help!


    Mr Balikbayan is Andres, son of Elisa Olivares (?);
    Man of the Night is Dr. Ben Balinao;
    Best Senior Citizen Award went to Mrs. Ising Malqued…as far as I can remember.



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